Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Xpress Redi Set Go Steak and Egg Chimichanga Burrito

Cheryl's Corner,  i got my xpress at Target for $39.99
and i use it all the time at least once a day

Steak and Egg Chimichanga

1- 6 oz flour tortilla
cooking spray
1 egg
2-3 Tbsp. grated cheese any kind will do
left over steak, i used crock pot cooked roast shredded beef as much as you like
little salt and pepper to taste
plain yogurt or sour cream, i used yogurt mixed with water
cilantro chopped and lettuce shredded for garnish

-Here's what ya do.
-First turn it on. let it heat up til the light goes on.
-Spray your xpress with Pam
-Lay a flour tortilla down on the round bottom of xpress.
-Break an Egg on top of tortilla.

Then you may salt and pepper it and add your
cheese and cooked steak or beef.
-At this point it should look like this (below pic.)
you can add pretty much what ever you like, green Chile's, onion,
-Now close the lid and set the timer to about 5 minutes.

after the timer dings, check it to see if the eggs are set, they should be,
-if not cook for another minute or so. 
-After its done, fold it up burrito style, and cook it for another 2 min on each side
so it gets nice and crunchy.
-When its finished, turn of your xpress.
-Cut your chimi in half and drizzle some sour cream or yogurt over your chimi and garnish it with shredded lettuce and cilantro. Enjoy!
Cheryl's Corner Recipe and Photo

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