Sunday, October 23, 2011

The best way to start off the day "Steak and Egg Burrito's"

 Looks pretty tasty ay! Cheryl's Corner Photo and Recipe
(below) for Recipe

These are really easy to make if you have the new GT xpress (the flat bottom one)

GT Xpress Breakfast Burritos

1 flour tortilla
1 egg
2 tbsp Cheese (any)
left over steak  (chopped small)
Pam Spray or butter
salt and pepper to taste
Turn on your Xpress
spray it with Pam or butter the bottom of your xpress
lay your tortilla on the bottom sides will be up a bit
break an egg onto your tortilla, and with a fork scramble the egg a bit
sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste close your xpress and set timer for about 3 minutes
when it dings, open it up place your steak and the cheese over the egg let it cook for 1 min more,
then roll up like a burrito and let cook for another minute or so, so the cheese melts you may rotate it around
turn off your express,  at this point its done and can stay in your xpress for a bit while you get ready in the morning or just take it out and serve it with your favorite salsa, makes one serving. 

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