Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Redi Set Go Gt Express Ham and Cheese on Ciabata

Cheryl's Corner Photo and Recipe

The Xpress Ham and Cheese Ciabata

This is what i came up with for lunch the other day.

-Always spray your machine with a cooking spray
-Take 4 slices of ham lay 2 of them down on top of each other in the flat bottom xpress
-Then lay down some cheese on top of that.
-Then some pickles on top of that.
-close the lid and cook for about 3 min until the cheese is melted and ham is hot
-cut your ciabata rolls in half, spread each side with your favorite mustard, mine is Dijon.
-Lay some lettuce on top of your mustard
When your 3 minutes is up lift out the ham mixture and lay it on each halve of your breads, put them together and don't forget the ice cold beer to go with it.

  (place ham n cheese and pickles in xpress)
(The finished product)

(either enjoy it right when it is cooked or wrap it up and save it for later)
Cheryl's Corner Photo and Recipe


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