Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Southwest Calzone's GT Xpress Redi Set Go Recipe

Here's my latest Creation from my Redi Set Go gadget
Cheryl's Corner, Southwest Calzones
Pizza Dough Recipe (for the Redi Set Go)
you just need one of the round balls that you made and put in the fridge.
Salsa or enchilada sauce
Left over chicken or beef or pork (I used Chicken)
a few black olives
left over Spanish rice
any cheese
Pam spray or butter

flatten out your dough to a circle about 6 inch on a lightly floured surface
place all your ingredients on one side of your dough and fold over
and pinch the edges together, you may use a fork to press them
i use a empanada maker its easiest for me.
then cook these in the wells of your GT express about 10min
serve with your favorite salsa, and lettuce and sour cream.

Cheryl's Recipe and Photo

Really you can fill these with anything, just use the calzone recipe in your GT Xpress book
but improvise your fillings to what you have on hand, don't be afraid to get creative.

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