Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cobb Salad Like The Restaurants‏

Even though this is great for two people, I make this for my husband and he eats the whole thing, it is very similar to the portions they give you at restaurants.
Lisa's Corner, Recipe and Photo

1/4 slice Iceberg lettuce; head
6 big leaves Leafy green lettuce chop fine and mix with iceberg
1/2 large tomato
12 jumbo olives chopped loosely
1 cup chicken or turkey cooked
0.5 package bacon cooked and chopped fine
3 green onions chopped fine
2 eggs (hard boiled) chopped fine
0.25 cup cheese either feta or blue or jack
1 Avocado slices, I put the optional items on after i took the picture

Mix your lettuce together and put it on a Big plate, I used a big pasta plate like they use in restaurants.
Place all chicken in the middle of the salad.
Line tomato's on each side of chicken.
Line bacon on each side of tomato's.
Finish with olives down the side.
Top with green onions and optional items
You can line up your veggies anyway you like to for presentation. I just use my home made ranch dressing for this salad.


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