Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lite Tostada's

Cheryl's Corner Recipe and Photo
This is my recipe for lite and crunchy tostada's, if you have a microwave, just add 4 regular size corn tortillas to the microwave turn table, turn it on for about 3 minutes depending on your microwave, when they start to get medium brown, not to brown, turn them over, and cook until there medium brown and crunchy about 2-3 more minutes. Cook up some ground turkey meat, add some taco seasoning as it says on the package, i add an small chopped onion, while that is cooking, chop some tomatoes, and slice some lettuce real thinly. When your meat is done cooking drain it, and add a tablespoon of turkey meat a whole lot of lettuce (sliced real thin,thats the trick) some chopped tomatoes and cilantro if you wish, and don't forget the cheese, a small amount if your watching your weight, may use reduced fat cheese.
this is what i like to eat when i want something crunchy Mexican and Muey Bueno! oh and don't forget to add your favorite salsa.

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