Monday, July 25, 2011

Artichoke Heart Enchilada's what a great idea ay?

Cheryl's Corner Artichoke Heart Enchilada's

This seemed to happen only because its all i really had to fill an Enchilada with
I just chopped up some artichoke hearts that are cooked already,
chop a quarter of a white onion,
shred some cheese,save some to put on top also, i used Havarti, boy was that a good choice,
and heat up a corn tortilla in just a spray of olive oil on a hot grill cook both sides till soft and pliable.
heat up some enchilada sauce that you have in your fridge or cubbard
lay out your tortilla, add your artichoke hearts onion and cheese, roll up put on a plate
top it with enchilada sauce, and a sprinkle of cheese and either heat it in your toaster oven or microwave.
serve it with beans and rice and a cold beer, or what ever that you want, Enjoy!

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