Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eggs and Ham made simple with your Gt xpress Redi Set Go

Be sure to use the Divider insert pan for this recipe
This is my quick little breakfast its fast and lite, here's what ya do,
spray your divider pan that goes in side with Pam spray, add a piece of ham or turkey
right on the pan bottom, then break an egg on top of the ham or turkey, then close the lid and cook for about 6 to seven minutes til your eggs are firm,set the timer if you like since there is one, might take a little longer depending on your GT Xpress, i have the other Gt xpress where the divider pan doesn't
come out and that one cooks eggs faster like in 4-5 minutes, and that's it,
make some toast and squeeze some fresh orange juice and life is good baby! Enjoy
Eggs and Turkey yummy!, Cheryl's Corner Recipe and Photos

Eggs and Ham

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