Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tips and Tricks for Sandwiches and Snacks with your Seal a Meal

Cheryl's Corner Idea and Photo
Here's a quick tip for you if you want grab and go meals for the kids or Husband.
Make your snack or sandwiches or lunches what ever it is that you are making
put it on a sturdy paper plate, and if you have the larger twist tie quart size baggies, just place your lunch or snack right on the plate, slip a baggie right over it and if you have Seal a meal or Equivalent to that (you know the thing that you suck all the air out of the food thingy) seal it up and stack it in the refrigerator, label it if you like. your family will think your the greatest!
'wrapped plated and ready to go in the fridge'

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