Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BBQ style Chicken From your Crock Pot and Toaster Oven

Cheryl's Corner Recipe and Photo
"BBQ Style Chicken"

This Recipe is quite easy, I take a large package of Chicken Legs
place them in a baggy (large)and add some Olive oil-about 2 Tbsp,
 then combine some seasonings, like salt, pepper,paprika,
Thyme, Rosemary, BBQ Chicken seasoning (optional) garlic powder, onion powder,into
your Magic bullet and grind it up, if not just pour them alltogether into the chicken and massage in.
Shake it up so all the chicken is covered in the seasoning.
I spray my Crock pot with Pam, and place the legs in bone side up.  The Chicken
can be still partially frozen. Turn on your Crock pot to High
and cook the Chicken 3-5 hours. It should be falling off the bone just about.

  Make BBQ Sauce:
Half of the bottle of your favorite BBQ Sauce
1/4 Cup Jack Daniels
4 Tbsp. Honey
dash of Tabasco
Heat Ingredients in sauce pan being careful do to the Jack Daniels. about 5 min.

When your chicken is finished cooking place on your toaster
oven pan that you covered with foil and sprayed with Pam, Brush with BBQ sauce
and Broil your chicken on low broil till they turn a nice BBQ color, Dark!
Keep brushing with sauce to keep them moist. that's how i like them.
Keep a close watch on them, turn them so they darken evenly.

Serve with your favorite BBQ sauces.
I like to make a White BBQ sauce
a  Hot BBQ sauce
and a Sweet sauce.  This is easy to do
if you use your favorite sauce and just fix them up sweet and hot, place them in
squeeze bottles.
The white sauce i like to mix mayo, salt, pepper, vinegar, a little sugar and more pepper.
Mix them in your Blender or Magic Bullet, let me know how yours turns out, my mouth
is watering all ready
Yummy, The finished Product
get the sauces out I'm ready!


  1. Hi, I am throwing my first bbq party this week and very nervous because so many people are going to come, don’t know how to handle them. If possible please say what kind of recipe tends to bind all the guest in one line.

    bbq chicken recipe

  2. sorry i missed your question, hope you bbq went wonderfully, have a great day, Cheryl

  3. sorry i missed your question, hope you bbq went wonderfully, have a great day, Cheryl


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